Saint Martin / Sint Maarten is a montainous island with amazing sight seeing.
We have several hiking trails but we recommend these 3 :

  1. A small walk  to Happy Bay
    For the beginners, we recommend to start with a small walk to the Happy beach, a private beach located not far from Friar’s Bay Beach. The walk will last only 20 minutes and the best is to carry a pic-nic to enjoy the beach at your arrival.
  2. A walk beyond the Forest
    If you are looking for the wild nature beyond the forest surrounded by iguanas or monkeys, you should go to Loterie Farm. The hiking is not so difficult but the view up there is memorable.
  3. A walk to Petites Cayes
    The Hiking in Sentier des Froussards in Anse Marcel is about 45 minutes. The best is to take baskets, comfortable clothes and to avoid heavy bags to pursue the course.
    At the middle of the hike, there is an AMAZING sightseeing of the mountain and the beach that will push you to continue till you reach the sea.