Pinel Island is a nature reserve that all tourists are fond of : the sea is never rough, the tables in the water  with cocktails are idyllic, and above all the restaurants have delicious food to propose.

You can take the ferry for $12 roundrip at the jetty of cul de sac but the best is to go to the Water Sport at the same location and rent a Stand Up Paddle to go to Pinel Island.

If you are good enough, you will reach Pinel island in 20 minutes.
Why is it an activity that you absolutely must do ?

First, the course to go to Pinel island by Stand Up Paddle is funnier as you are doing a water sport activity by yourself : the Paddle makes you work all body it means arms, legs and abs. You don’t even notice this when you are “paddling”.

Then, the final point is that you will never assist to something as magical as the path by Stand Up Paddle to Pinel Island : during the whole course, you will see sting rays and turtles approaching you, something they don’t do with the regular ferry. In 20 minutes, you can easily see 3  turtles. We recommend to go in morning to be sure to see them.

Have fun and enjoy the Stand Up Paddle Board or Kayak !