Getting in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten is the easiest part of the trip but planning your family holidays can be sometimes more complicated that’s why we decide to help you with this planning.

What activities should you do with your family ?

  1. Water Sport Activity (Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Board, Pedal Boat)
    When the sea is quiet and the sun hot, this option is the best way to guarantee you sport & Fun ! We have lots of spots for families that you can try : Pinel Island, Galion, Kimsha Beach.
  2. Water Sport Activity motorized version ( Jet skis, Fly Board …)
    Teenagers can be more interested by this activity and they will love to try Flyboarding in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. Fly board is a new water sport activity that involved hydroflying. You can find all these activities by Orient Bay or Nettle Bay.
  3. Aqua Fun Rides
    Families love this activity as they are driving their own little two boats trough the lagoon and a scenic coast line to creole rock where they are able to see a wide variety of fishes. Children love to experience this with parents and to test the combo of driving + snorkeling. You can book the activity at Exquisite.
  4. Butterfly Farm
    For kids this meeting is inescapable ! The Butterflies are free to come close to you during your  journey at the Butterfly Farm.image8
  5. Treasure Hunt at Happy Bay
    Happy bay is a beach only accessible by 20 minutes walk or sea. The beach is quiet & private so your family will be comfortable by organizing a pic nic over there. A treasure hunt is the perfect game to have lots of fun in somewhere that is inspiring you good vibes only …