Visiting Saint Martin / Sint Maarten without tasting local flavors is disappointing. With more than 120 nationalities, the Island’s dishes have multi tastes .

Our local restaurants are named “Lolo’s” and each Lolo’s taste different one to another because it depends to the Staff’s preferences : A Lolo can be more representative to Jamaican’s flavors another to Haitian’s and Dominican’s Flavors …etc

The history of the Lolo’s :
The lolo’s born in the 17th century. It was a place were all slaves’ portions of food were stored on the plantation. Year by year, the lolo’s became a shop selling food instead of a simple storage and then to a bar that is selling food. During the plantation days, there were no other spots to hang out after hard work so the lolo’s were the compromise.

Today, the lolo’s got a really important role in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten by reminding the traditions with local’s favorite food.

Which lolo’s to choose in the French Side ?
In Marigot : Rosemary, Enoch
In Grand Case : Sky’s the Limit, Talk of the Town

Which dishes you should try ?
You don’t know yet if you will like the MENU, but we can help you to figure it out !
For the ones who love fishes : you have to absolutely try the grilled Mahi Mahi or the Red Snapper.

Red Snapper
The Redsnapper (this picture has not been taken in a lolo’s)

For the Shellfishes lovers : try the creole conches or the garlic shrimps.

For the meat lovers : Ribs are really successful in the Island but the chicken as well. Be careful the chicken is not roasted but grilled.