You are a surfer and you are wondering if you should take your board to Saint Martin / Sint Maarten … Will the sea be rough enough ? What about the waves ?

First of all, yes you can totally do Surf in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. We have several schools, rental boards that you can contact if interested.

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten is not a popular destination for surfing like Hawaii but that’s even better, the sea will be always yours without any crowds !

That’s true that we don’t have the best spots in the World but for sure you will love to surf with us ! We have few representatives from the Island that are now participating to championship like Maud Le Car.

See below the Surf Spot that we suggest during your stay in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten :

Guanabay : It is a wild beach loved by body boarders thanks to its waves & breaks. Be careful they are really close to the shore.
Mullet Bay : Mullet Bay can be an amazing spot for surfing when there are waves. The only bad point is that the beach is always crowded and it can be dangerous if you don’t have control of your board…
Wilderness : For Advanced surfers, this beach is the best spot. The beach is only accessible by a 45 minutes hike or by sea and as its name suggests is completely wild.
Galion : it is a family beach, really calm & quiet, great for children ! But, this is the ideal spot for beginners. There is a famous surf school who brings clients to the wave breaks by boat.

Feeling free by standing up on waves is a magic sensation but in the turquoise sea of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten this feeling is simply fascinating.

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