Marigot is the French capital of Saint Martin and lots of you are wondering if it is not a waste of time to pass by instead of enjoying the beach to the fullest.

Cultural spot
First of all, you should know there is an amazing view from the historic Fort Louis in French Side of all the capital and you have absolutely to pass by !
You can also do a visit by Sir Richardson’s Gallery at #6 rue de la Republique, a house built in the 1840’s that invites you to admire Sir Richardson’s work of art, famous for being “Father of Caribbean Impressionism” .

Full day in Marigot ?
The closest beach from Marigot is Baie Rouge or Grand Case. Baie rouge can be rough in winter time and Grand Case is famous for its restaurant.
It is possible to go in Marigot in morning time ( be careful most of the stores are opening at 10 AM and closing during the lunch time from 12 PM to 2 PM ) and then “beach hopping”.

Stores in Marigot
 Ladies will be happy with cosmetics at Lipstick or Beauty and Scents with really good price.
Then, Max Mara will be a fantastic stop for the ones who want to be one step ahead the season clothing.
We have as well, the West Indies Mall with Lacoste, l’Occitane, and many other choices !You should stop also by the Market for artisanal souvenirs or spices.

Break in Marigot
You can totally have your lunch in Marigot by the French Restaurant near to the lagoon /  in the water front or at Lolo’s.

The French Capital of the French Side is authentic and if you know already the dutch capital you should know that they have nothing in common.